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Come join our Ohana (family) on the Pueo Kai 2, our Coast Guard certified 27 foot Force Marine power boat with a full cabin and some shade; our charter boat which is built in Hawaii and designed for Hawaiian waters.

Swim with dolphins in calm Kona waters -- see Humpback Whales -- or, for an incredible night time adventure, come snorkel with Manta Rays.

"Small groups only" means that our boat that you charter becomes your Private Charter Boat for a private Hawaiian Island ocean adventure. Explore the Kona coast, snorkel with Manta Rays at night, swim with Dolphins. Our boat can be yours for the day where we treat you like family.

There is always a certified Ocean Life Guard on our boat as your comfort and safety is our first priority. Locally owned and operated, Hawaii Oceanic, will give you, your family or your group memories to last a life time! Spend your day with us on the beautiful blue waters of Kona. We look forward to meeting you and becoming friends.

Come live the Aloha with Captain Jason and Hawaii Oceanic!

Hawaii Oceanic Charter Boat Expeditions

Kona Hawaii Boat tour


Experience the beauty and history of Kealakekua Bay Life Conservation District.

Check in is at 6:45am. Pending availability, we may also offer this tour at 10:15am

The early morning tour departs the Harbor at 6:50am which is much earlier than other tour boats to enjoy the serenity of Kealakekua Bay without the crowds.

Experience snorkeling in Kealakekua Bay, a pristine marine reserve with abundant marine life, including tropical fish that is second to none. All snorkel gear is provided .

The Kona is our most popular boat tour.

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Join us for a magical experience with Hawaiian Spinner Dolphins.

Check in is at 6:45am  **

We depart the Harbor at 7am to swim with dolphins which is much earlier than most other boats so that we get a more personal interaction with the dolphin. You will be accompanied by your Swim Guide.

Hawaiian Spinner Dolphins get their name from their incredible acrobatic skills; including launching into the air doing thrilling spins and flips.

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From December to April of each year Humpback Whales call Hawaii their winter home. ***


Humpback Whales can be seen in the beautiful waters off of the Kona Coast.

Humpback Whales visit Hawaii annually for the warm safe waters that Hawaii offers the whales to calve and mate.

To witness a whale breach is spectacular.

Observing these gentle giants taking care of their newborn calves is nothing short of amazing!

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Arrival at the Manta Ray site is timed to see the gorgeous tropcial sunset.

Check in for Sunset Manta Magic is 6pm* Check in for Moonlit Manta is at 7:15pm

A swim guide accompanies you in the water to experience the magic of these gentle, graceful creatures.

Snorkeling with Manta Rays at night is rated high on the Discovery Channel's list of the top ten things to do in Kona Hawaii.

Manta Ray Night Snorkeling is an unforgettable adventure not to be missed.

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*unless otherwise noted



This tour is perfect for a group or family that want the chartered boat all to themselves.

Check in is at 6:45am **

We depart the harbor at 6:50am and return about 11am.

We will contact you to ask exactly what your group or family want to do during your private ocean experience.

The most popular Private charter is for the Dolphin Swim. View beautiful pods of dolphins in the clear Pacific Ocean. A swim guide will accompany you in the water at all times.

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