Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need bring?

Towel, bathing suit, sun screen, warm and dry clothes, hat, sun glasses. Cameras are welcome.

What is the age limit for my young child?

We welcome all ages, one family member will have to stay on the boat if child or baby is to young to get in the ocean.

Can I still go if I don't know how to swim or if I don't know how to snorkel?

Yes! We have life vests and pool noodles for you. We give you excellent instruction and there is always an experienced guide in the water with you.

There is always a CPR / First Aid certified and Red Cross Ocean Life Guard certified crew on board the Pueo Kai or on board the Pueo Kai 2 at Hawaii Oceanic for your safety.

Can I touch the Dolphin or Manta Rays?

No! Dolphin and Manta Rays both have an antibacterial mucous membrane that covers their bodies… If Dolphin or Manta Rays are touched it removes this protective coating and exposes them to bacteria and viruses that humans carry.