Spencer Haight grew up in the small upcountry town of Waimea on the Big Island of Hawaii.  Being born and raised in the state of Hawaii, Spencer spent most of his free time in the ocean.

After graduating high school he left his comfort-zone and attended college in Flagstaff, Arizona to seek out a path for his life.  After one year of college studies, he realized it was not what he wanted; so he moved back to the Island Chain; relocating to Maui where he worked in the Food and Beverage Industry.

As time passed, Spencer decided to move back to his home island of Hawai'i, this time...for good.  Working on land was not allowing him to participate in activities such as surfing, diving and being surrounded by the miraculous oceanic wildlife he loves being a part of on a daily basis.  A long-time dream of Spencer while growing up was to work on a boat and in the ocean.

Spencer is a Red Cross Certified Life Guard as well as a long-time waterman and surfer.

Today, Spencer Haight is a proud crew member of the Hawaii Oceanic Ohana, sharing his love for the ocean and its marine life with whomever decides to partake in ocean adventures on our Hawaii Oceanic chartered tour boat.