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"Best. Experience. Ever.  If you are debating on whether to do this or not...Just do it.  My sister and I went and had an unforgettable experience swimming within inches of these magnificent creatures that we were expertly positioned by.  Captain Jason and Spencer were very helpful and ensured we got the very most out of the experience.  So unless you don't like having the most fun ever, sign up!!! I can't wait to see the pictures." ~Makayla Kerr

"These guys are the greatest.  They not only take you to where the dolphins are, they teach you how to 'act like a dolphin' so you don't scare them away and you actually attract the dolphin because dolphin are curious and playful.  Then they move the boat around so you can stay with them.  They really care that you have a wonderful experience, and we did.  Lots of dolphins and a couple of very nice people, too!" ~Joan Tweed

"What a great experience we had on this epic adventure.  Captain Jason got us a sweet spot perched right above the manta rays and the term 'close encounter' does not do justice.  My girlfriend and I have never experienced anything like this and highly recommend to anyone who enjoys nature at its finest!!" ~ Ryder Millar

"My partner and I had a wonderful experience.  Hawaii Oceanic made every effort to make sure we were comfortable and able to swim near the dolphins.  The swim instructor gives very clear instructions and tips on what to do, this being our first time.  Very friendly and knowledgeable crew -- great snacks, too! Definitely one of the highlights of our trip, and highly recommended!  Thank you, Hawaii Oceanic." ~ Cynthia Brothers

"A once-in-a-lifetime experience with Hawaii Oceanic! We were the only family on the boat so it felt very personal and tailored to our needs, especially with small children.  They knew exactly where the dolphins would be and when - and prepared us to swim alongside them with ease. We snorkeled in a gorgeous reef and saw some breaching whales - all in a 3-hour trip! The staff were super friendly and made sure we had a one-of-a-kind experience.  Highly recommend!" ~Sara Hartlaub

"This is my second experience to Big Island! And, the best experience with help from Hawaii Oceanic.  Myself and my friend booked the Kona  and Manta Magic. Didn't have any prior experience snorkling, my friend literally freaked out initially but appreciated [Hawaii Oceanic's] Dusty and Spencer for their help in getting her into the water. 

Dusty and Spencer deserve 5 stars for their efforts to keep the tourists satisfied and happy.  Last but not least, Captain Jason and Spencer were really helpful for the Manta Magic and it was an excellent underwater experience.  100% recommend in terms of safety, service, friendliness & friendliness.  Worth the money you spend." ~Chitra Rejin

“We had the most amazing day out on the ocean with Hawaii Oceanic! Captain Jason and Phaedra were knowledgeable, kind, considerate, and fun. They were respectful to the animals while also making sure to facilitate the best possible day for us. We were in the middle of whales full breaching, while listening to their sounds and calls with the underwater microphone, we swam with mantas, and also got to swim with hundreds of dolphins. Our entire party had one of the best days ever. We had our children on the boat with us, and both Captain Jason and Phaedra were so good with them that we not only trusted for their safety 100%, and we were also grateful for such a beautiful experience for our little ones. Our out of town guests say that they had the best Hawaiian vacation yet because of this day. I will definitely be recommending this company to anyone looking to have an amazing day out on the water.” ~ Pennie Sullivan

“Just wanted to thank you again, best three hours we have ever spent. You made our anniversary fantastic. Recommend you to everyone we talk to. You guys are fantastic.” ~ Ron and Lois Goff

“If you are unsure about which of the many companies to choose when planning a trip to the Big Island, save yourself some time and stress and just go with Hawaii Oceanic...you will NOT be disappointed in the least bit, but let me explain why. From the time I met them(and even before), both Captain Jason and Phaedra were outstanding during the two trips I took with Hawaii Oceanic. I needed some help with directions prior to the trip, and Captain Jason politely walked me through where to find the launch point. He even spent some time on the phone to ask "where are your from?", "have you been to Hawaii before?", etc to have a short conversation and get to know a little bit about his future customer. Jason and Phaedra were kind, friendly, very knowledgeable, and had a clear interest in the marine life and scenery, and willingly take the time to explain things to you and answer any questions you might have. As for the tours themselves..."AMAZING" is all I can say. The Manta Magic was a night snorkel where you head out to the location a little early to get a good spot and then get to snorkel with mantas swimming around you(one even followed us back to the boat after). The dolphin snorkel tour that Hawaii Oceanic offers let's you snorkel and observe small pods of spinner dolphins. That, in itself should make anyone's day, but if you are lucky as we were, then you may come across some humpback whales along the trip which are amazing to watch as well. Captain Jason allowed us to observe these animals as well for around 20 minutes even though it was not a "Whale watching tour." I got some mid-action pictures of the whales that were so amazing, some of my friends had to ask me if I really took them. Speaking of pictures, they also will provide you with free, high-quality pictures from your tour. In addition to all of this, their tours have a maximum capacity of 6 people. So even on a "full" day, it's like having your own private charter for a fraction of the price! Let me tell you, after going on a tour of 150 people that same week, you just can't beat that! I can honestly say that when I return to the Big Island, I WILL BE touring with them again and advising others to do the same.” ~ MWCosby - Houston

“My husband and I decided to do the manta night snorkle, even though I was apprehensive about being in the ocean at night. I let the staff know that I was a little nervous and they were absolutely wonderful about making me feel comfortable and taking care of me. On the boat ride out we saw tons of beautiful spinner dolphins. When we got there the water was well lit and there was others all around me which made me feel at ease. I stuck my face in the water and saw graceful Manta Rays. It helped immensely that our guide knew I was nervous so she helped myself and another scaredy cat to navigate around the other snorkelers and asked continually how close we wanted to get, if we were comfortable etc. I felt totally comfortable with her guidance and felt confident enough to let her loose and go off with my husband about midway through. There were 20 Mantas present on the night that we were there. Their movements were very calm and peaceful, their spatial awareness incredible (they will come very very close if you want them to, but wont touch you). To sum it up... if I can do it anyone can and they will love it. Awesome experience, highlight of our Big Island trip, we will be bringing friends and family back.” ~ Emily E. - Kansas City, Missouri