Captain Jason

The Captain

Captain Jason grew up in Kailua Kona, living on the Big Island his whole life, graduating from Parker High School in the small town of Kamuela.

Surfing and snorkeling in the waters of the Kona coast have been part of Jason's life beginning as a young boy. He has experienced almost every inch of coast line that the Big Island has to offer, whether on surf trips to remote areas, camp outs in secluded valleys, or snorkeling and hiking to "secret" coves along the coast.

Jason is an animal lover and has always had an extended family consisting of dogs, cats, horses, parrots, and fish. He is also a pescatarian, (does not eat meat except for a little fish), and has great respect for all living beings. The well being of the ocean and all creatures is important to Jason, and to the philosophy of touring with Hawaii Oceanic.

Captain Jason has a 50 ton license and has owned and captained many boats from small fishing boats to 40 passenger tour boats. He has the experience and knowledge to provide you, your family, or group a spectacular and safe eco tour.

Jason is CPR / First Aid / First Responder certified. He is also a Red Cross certified Ocean Life Guard. You will feel like family, (ohana), and become fast friends when sharing the Kona Coast with Captain Jason and Hawaii Oceanic.