Captain Alicia

Alicia was born on March 14, 1987.  True to her Pisces nature, she is a spirit of the sea.  Originally from south Florida, Alicia grew up boating in the Florida Keys, the Atlantic Ocean; in inter coastal waterways and inland lakes.  After some time spent in Orlando, Florida studying business at the University of Central Florida, Alicia decided to move to Oahu on January 20th, 2010.

After four months in Waikiki, Alicia learned about WOOFING (Willing Workers On Organic Farms) on the Big island of Hawaii.  Alicia subsequently moved to a participating farm in Pahoa; a farm which was just down the street from Phoiki Beach and the beautiful Phoiki Hot Springs that were also located there. 

There were different farms that followed...farms in different parts of the Hawaiian island....from farms with the beachy vibes of Pahoa Beach to farms with Mauka rains in Mountain View and farms with coffee and macadamia nut crops in South Kona...each of which became significant parts of Alicia's life that eventually lead her to the crispy clear waters of Kailua Kona. 

Alicia worked on boats in Kona starting in 2012, it was then that Alicia found herself falling in love with the Pacific.  Alicia says that her love of the Pacific began in one especially magical place, Kealakekua Bay. 

Alicia believed Kealakekua Bay to be the heart chakra of the planet Earth.  Alicia felt elevated by the spirits of the Ali'i that were buried in the cliff-side caves. (Ali'i is a Hawaiian word for ancient nobles in early Hawaiian society). 

Many "firsts" for Alicia happened there in Kealakekua; Alicia's first time swimming with a manta ray, first time with a white tip reef shark, first time swimming with dolphins and Alicia's first time with whales all occurred in Kealakekua.

Alicia's pinnacle in her life was crossing the Alenuiha'ha channel, which literally translates as, "makes grown men cry."  The Alenuiha'ha Channel between the Big Island of Hawaii and Maui is almost 30 miles across and some say it is one of the most dangerous crossings in the world.  Alicia's 36ft boat was listing, the rigging was rattling, and everything was completely soaked during her 14 hour crossing of the Alenuiha'ha Channel.  Waves crashing over the bow all the way to the helm; Alicia's saliboat was in 30-35 knot winds with 24 foot walls of water popping up like moguls.  Everything thought secured in the cabin was launched across the galley in a dangerous weapon like fashion.

Just as important to Alicia was sailing the high seas of the Hawaiian archipelago during the lunar eclipse of May 2015.  It was then when Alicia knew, that despite 14 hours of pure seasickness, that this is what Alicia truly loved and wanted for her future.  Alicia also never became sea sick again.

Living and working in Kona, Alicia's passion for the wind, waves, rip tides and current lines have grown as strong as the sea is deep for Alicia.

As a captain and Professional Mermaid, Alicia spends her free time Freediving to depths of up to 123 foot, surfing, riding a jet ski and doing backflips.  If Alicia could have any super power, it would be to breathe underwater.