Amy is a California grown mermaid that transplanted to Hawaii at the end of swim_with_manata_rays_manta_rays2012.  Amy is completely in love with life, the ocean and her 2 year old daughter, Trystan (mermaid in training).  Amy can't imagine a life away from the sea.  Having the opportunity to grow up near the ocean has been a true blessing and opened many doors for her as a water-woman.

Amy's passion for the ocean began when she was growing up on the beaches of Southern California.  Poking around in tide pools, sea kayaking with her father, body surfing and boogie boarding....Amy has always loved the sea.  However, it wasn't until later for Amy's that she started utilizing the ocean in every aspect of her life.

In spring of 2011, Amy dropped out of her psychology degree courses.  Amy was spending time away from the ocean's coastline in North Lake Tahoe.  The mountains were enjoyable, but Amy was never in love with them. Amy was interested in her psychology degree, but was never passionate about it.  Amy felt lost and made a decision to be back near the ocean. 

Amy bought a plane ticket to Australia that next winter.

During Amy's time in Australia, Amy discovered sailing and spent over half of herswim_with_dolphins_book_tour_hawaii_oceanic time in and on the water.  Amy was an avid surfer and learning how to sail revealed a whole other world of opportunities for Amy.  Amy took advantage of her newly learned skills throughout her subsequent travels.

Amy had the opportunity to sail and crew on several boats off the coast of Queensland, Australia in the Great Barrier Reef.  Amy surfed and explored the many beautiful beaches and coastlines of Australia.  Amy was hooked.

After a year in Australia, Amy sadly had to leave; but Amy made the decision not to return home -- but to instead go to Hawaii.   Amy stepped off the plane in Kona with no plans and nothing but a duffel, a surfboard and a handful of change.

The level of kindness and generosity Amy received upon coming to this island was beyond anything Amy had ever experienced.  Amy knew she was home.

Today Amy has settled into Hawaiian life on the Big Island (aka Hawaii Island). Amy's love for the ocean and her hobbies grows infinitely. At work, Amy spends her days (and nights) swimming with dolphins, swimming with manta rays and sharing her love and knowledge of the water with the many amazing people that come to visit the island.

When not working, Amy still spends most of her time on the water. Amy's hobbies include, but are not limited to the taking of her daughter on adventures, surfing, free diving, spearfishing, fishing, boating, sailing, paddle boarding, hiking and off-roading...you get the idea.

Basically, it's nearly impossible to keep Amy on land and she is excited to share a piece of her life with you!